I’m not presenting at this one but we will have a booth and give ongoing presentations of all of our data services within the MARC Wizard. (Mitinet’s data management system)

MARC on Demand: our online database for MARC records with our own search engine built right in.
Magic Recon: Where we fill in all of your brief records
Mechanic Express: Clean and standardize your database
Magic Match for Lexiles
Accelerated Reader Match
MARC Firewall: The screening tool that cleans and enhances your incoming records ensuring all of your data entering your automation system is clean, consistent and has the content your require before importation.

Mitinet also is the sponsor for the Mansfield University Reception for students, instructors, and guests on Friday May 2, @ 5:00 in the Bridal Suite. Mitinet has a wonderful partnership with Mansfield University School Library & Information Technologies online graduate program. Suzanne Franklin, Candy Blessing and Ann Riedling continue to teach LSC5520 Cataloging and Classification and incorporate the use of MARC Magician in the course. They also explore the other data services available within the MARC Wizard.

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