Use this space to post invitations, meetings, share ideas, etc.

Anyone interested in meeting to find out how you can contribute to the wiki, please contact Kim Brosan. We'll be at The Forebay on Thursday night at 9:45.

Are people interested in meeting to talk informally about Internet2 and its potential and/or what you're doing with the technology in your district? Would you be interested in sitting together at the banquet on Friday night? You are welcome to comment here or to contact Erika Miller who is very interested in learning what's happening with this technology around the state.

A number of people asked me about the digital video camera I was using to record events at Conference. I used the Flip Ultra and I hear that the Sony Small Wonder is also good. (Joyce)

For Jeff Hastings' review and head-to-head image sharing of the Flip and Small Wonder, check out this video from School Library Journal.

Does anyone know who won the awards given out at the Friday breakfast? I was trying to include that information in my write up due to my district about the conference. THANKS. Please email if you have any information.