Friday Sessions

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Caleb and Kristin present PA Young Readers' Choice Award to Ridley. Caleb (with Hassan's help) defines reader.

A1 and B1 Reading Routines to Support Content Area Curricula - DOUBLE SESSION
Deborah P. Lowenburg, Library Media Specialist, Department Chair, Pleasant Valley School District; Valerie Eblin, Secondary Literary Coach, Pleasant Valley School District

A2 Reading is a Four -Way Stretch
Nancy J. Polette, Professor of Education, Lindenwood University
Website -
2007 Handout -

A3 Reframing the Work of the Librarian as a Learning Specialist
Allison Zmuda, Educational Consultant, Author
Allison blew me out of the water by giving me permission to stop wasting time doing collaborations that don't reinforce the skills that "I was hired to teach." I am so glad that she is here and that she is coming back for Leadership in the summer. (-M Nailor)

A4 Get Reading @your library® - Promote Reading Without Competition
Linda Herward, Librarian, Falk School
Project Website:
Sessions/Materials/Handouts -

A5 Helping Your Teachers Teach PA History
Kathleen Pavelko, President and CEO, WITF, Inc.

A6 Books Build Bridges @your library®: Elementary Grades CANCELLED

A7 Integrating Comprehension Strategies with Information Processing Models
Christine Markley, Librarian, Washington Elementary School; Erica Johnson, 1st Grade Teacher, Boyertown Area School District

A8 Free Web Design Tools Used By Infolibrarian
Mardy McGaw, Librarian, Conestoga Valley Middle School
Website: to view information presented at the workshop (Mardy McGaw)
my I LOVE IT Blog site is this is where I will keep adding to the tools I LOVE!
I hope you enjoyed the presentation!

A9 Copyright in a Digital Age
Susan Kell, Library Department Head, West Shore School District

A10 Tune Up Your Selection and Reconsideration Policies!
Carrie Gardner, Assistant Professor, Kutztown University

A11 Podcasting 101
Carol Heinsdorf, Librarian; Robert Karl, Educational Technology, School District of Philadelphia

A12 Read Aloud 2.0
Anita Mentzer, Librarian; Jane Forney, Reading and ESL; Joy Longenecker, Primary Teacher, Annville-Cleona School District

A13 Host a Literacy Carnival
Kelly Guistwhite, Librarian; Jennifer Aldridge, Reading Teacher/Literacy Coach, West Shore School District

A14 Books of Note Presented by the Tri-State YA Review Committee
Linda McNeil, Tri State Young Adult Review Committee
Books of Note 2008
Tristate Blogs

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B2 Ridley Pearson: A Writer’s Workshop – Observe, Report, and Laugh a Little
Ridley Pearson, Author, Banquet Speaker

B3 Improvisation & Readers Theatre in the LMC
Nancy J. Polette, Professor of Education, Lindenwood University
2007 Handout -
Website -

B4 Wiki Basics: Or...How I Learned to Collaborate on the Web (ALL)
Gail Junion-Metz, President, Information Age Consultants, School Library Journal “Internet Librarian” columnist
PowerPoint -

Very informative and knowledgeable speaker on the difference between Wikis and Blogs.
Lots of information on how to use the tools in a library or classroom (Mardy McGaw)

B5 Creating Terrific Book Clubs for Kids and Teens
Judy Gelman, Co-author; Vicki L. Krupp, Co-author

B6 Books Build Bridges @your library® : Secondary CANCELLED

B7 Literature + Mathematics: Does it Add UP?
Dr. Janice R. Minetola, Professor, Shippensburg University; Marsha Yanick, Math Specialist, West York School District

B8 Author Research, Detective Stories, Literature Circles, and Essay Writing in a Learning Focused Environment
Becky Cotich, Librarian; Linda Martier, Literacy Coach, 6th grade reading teacher, West Shore School District

B9 Bucks County Reading Olympics: Duplicate the Success
Noreen F. Moore , Bucks County Reading Olympics Executive; Beverly Carey, Library Specialist, IU #22; Mary Schwander, Library Media Specialist New Hope-Solebury School District
Reading Olympics PowerPoint

B10 Everything You Need to Know in Order to Survive a Challenge
Dr. Carrie Gardner, Assistant Professor, Kutztown University

B11 It’s Only Rock and Roll and They Like It!
Janet L. McGuire, Library Media Specialist, Colonial Middle School; Carolyn Koch, District Research Committee Chair, Teacher, Colonial Middle School

B12 Libraries Partnering for Academic Achievement
Lynn M. Moses , School Library Development Advisor, PA Dept. of Education; Carol Johnston, School Services Coordinator, Dauphin County Library System

B13 No Librarian Left Behind: Promote Your Library Today!!!
Angela M. Long, Librarian, Homer-Center Elementary School; Chari Lyons, Librarian, Chestnut Ridge Middle School
I just got back from the conference. We will be posting the great ideas the session came up with soon! Thank you to all the 80 people that attended our session. Was it helpful?
Here are our list of PR ideas that came up with at our session: Feel free to add or edit.

Thanks! Angela Long

No librarian Left Behind Workshop

High School contributions HS
Middle School contributions MS
Elementary School contributions ES

Promotional ideas for Students MS

Come to library during lunch period- brown bag lunch
Themes in library examples given; haunted house night, Egypt night, book bingo, Anime night w/ public library
Library pages 7 and 8th grade
Peer to peer recommendations (booktalks during lunch group- totally student run)
Peer to peer recommendations on tv or loudspeaker announcements
Shelf talkers
Summer reading programs


Student newsletter- on the backs of stalls in restroom reader
Student recommendations
Celebrate holidays / special days
Contests/ prizes


2nd grade boys special reader reads to them at lunch every day seven weeks / different reader every week local businessmen, coaches, etc
I-pods announcements

Promotional ideas for Administrators ES

Send notes/invitations about special activities in library
Letter to editor - what I went to school for
School board meeting in library- request to talk about 5 minutes
Be visible in district committees

Promotional ideas for Administrators MS

Board presentation
Share good news with administration
Create a library report with statistics, etc.
Join committees


Cut out school related articles out of newspapers for your admin
Keep them up to date with monthly / yearly reports
Give them a PSLA Thank You Hershey bar and tell them of sessions you went to

Promotional ideas for Teachers MS

Hook 1 person and more will follow
Teach power library
Feed the staff
Pick stress times to invite teachers to bring their classes so you can teach them stuff
Staff development / staff goodie info for new teachers


Give them food
Library breakfasts
Inservice/ open house
Emails about new books
Go to department meeting
Be visible


Faculty meeting
Feed them- give out samples
Book fair for teachers with library materials
Pre K-12 book browse in the am
Inservice on opac/ power library new books
Newsletter with new books
newsletters posted on bathroom stall doors
put ideas in mailboxes or email
Promotional ideas for Parents

ES newsletters/ once a quarter
School newspapers- add an article
Pics of library on website
If you have a tv channel use power points
Literacy carnival
Letters to parents
Volunteers at PTA meetings
Present to PTA
Newsletter to parents
Parent workshops on databases
Uses open house/ parent teacher conferences to hand out invitation to stop at library for a free gift/ bookmark ofdatabases
Visit and get maps/ brochures to hand out on parents night
Book fairs during conferences


Borough newsletters
Quarterly school newsletters
Library newsletter
Back to school night
Displays/ database demos outside the box close to where parents are not just near or in library

B14 Let a Nonfiction Author Spark Enthusiasm for Writing in Your School
Betty Tatham, Author

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